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What’s Tuned

What’s Tuned is a nice little application that shows you all you want to know about the song that’s playing on your mac. Quickly lookup the lyrics or additional information about the artist and the album of the song you hear. What’s Tuned is especially interesting when playing Internet Radio in iTunes. What’s Tuned makes access to Internet Stations simple and keeps track of the history of songs that have been played.

It’s working with a multitude of applications such as iTunes, Spotify and Deezer but also with YouTube and SoundCloud when playing from your Safari or Chrome browser.

With the optional (free download) WTMediaKeys plugin, What’s Tuned can even control your YouTube videoclip by simply pressing the mediakeys  on your Apple keyboard.

The appearance of What’s Tuned can be customised  freely to resize artwork, show lyrics or information about the artist and a list of suggestion that can be previewed simply by a single mouse click.

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What’s Tuned is your music buddy you've always missed!

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What’s Tuned Lite

What’s Tuned Lite is the free version of What’s Tuned. What’s Tuned Lite has been recently redesigned to have the same great interface as it’s big bother What’s Tuned. What’s Tuned Lite supports  iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and VLC and let you play songs from these applications, seamless.

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GBXMIDIOut is an Audio Unit plugin that brings MIDI Out to GarageBand X. A similar plugin is existing but is only suitable for older versions of GarageBand (32 bits). The GBXMIDIOut is a full 64 bits AU plugin that is compatible with the latest version of GarageBand.

Get your copy from download.com. It’s free!

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