What's Tuned Lite

What’s Tuned Lite shows you all you want to know about the song that’s playing. What’s Tuned Lite is your single point of access for playing music on your mac. What’s Tuned Lite is feature packed, easy to use and nonintrusive. It’s just there to assist you!

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Has it ever happend to you that you can’t remember the name of the song that was playing on the radio a while ago? No worries! What’s Tuned keeps a history of all the songs you have listened to so that you can easily recall those songs and look up the details at a later time. 

Why not make use of the thousand internet radio stations iTunes provides? What’s Tuned Lite helps you with selecting radio stations available in iTunes and let you build a menu for quick access to your favourite radio stations. What’s Tuned Lite will let you search for radio stations in iTunes by name, category and even by country! 

Please have a try with our FREE version of What’s Tuned: What’s Tuned Lite. We’re sure you will love it.

Complete list of features can be found here…

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